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Survivor Football 2021: Manifesto Reigns Supreme

Hello, Survival Football survivalists:

Week 18

Week 18
We again want to try finding success among teams that have something to play for (and obviously available).

The Steelers seem primed in Big Ben’s “possible” final game, as do the Colts. Vegas at home to end the season has a nice ring to it as well.

Survive! and win!

Week 17
We want to try finding success among teams that have something to play for (and obviously available). Perhaps the Colts, Niners, or Titans are in your pool – and they are home. The Chargers should be expected to bounce back from last week’s terrible loss, at home as well.

Could there be enough sentiment to carry Pittsburgh and Seattle? Their opponents have different types of desperation to play for (assuming the Lions want to play for their coach).


Week 16
This time of year we typically try to pick based on teams that have legitimate postseason goals to play for and thus expected to play they key cogs in abundance – preferably not on a short week. In a year like this, we also have to sadly consider who has a full enough roster to have confidence in a pick.
Trying to first suggest teams that are realistically left in your pool for the taking, the Eagles, Cowboys, and Saints are ripe for the taking (although in the Saints case they are the more under-manned) – but man that D at home on Monday night? The Saints also buck the trend of taking a rookie QB in hist first NFL start (and at home). But does anyone trust Miami nearly enough against a club that typically gets the most out of any QB it starts?
Speaking of the Saints D, the maker in which they whipped Tampa last week makes Tampa about as sure a pick as any pick can be this week – but might anyone have them available?

Week 15
Dolphins are a nice off-bye play and Dallas is easy pickings. Broncos at home are interesting vs. Cincy, as are the Niners hosting Atlanta. The Eagles set up well at home postponed, and the Raiders benefit from a reschedule. Do the Jags have enough to prove vs. the lowly Texans? Maybe.


Week 14
Dallas’ coach put a bullseye on his team’s back this week. Tennessee gets a wonderful return from its bye week. Seattle has new life and reason to win. The Saints get Alvin Kamara back and one of the few games that they have left that are winnable. The Bears are probably not good enough for the revenge that they seek against Green Bay.


Week 13
Ok, assuming your selection of the Bills is long gone – the Cowboys look like a rare Thursday night suggestion and Arizona is due back Kyler Murray and DeAndre Hopkins – though you have surely used them as well. Be careful before you potentially keep chasing against the Lions (for those of you who are doing that – be careful each and every week).

The Eagles fit the “desperate” veteran QB getting the random start profile and Seattle is desperate as well. Always an interesting play with the current program.


Week 12
Ideally, and seriously, a terrible team, even an historically terrible Detroit team, desperate for a win at home on Thanksgiving would be a nice play for those remaining this week, even given the Lions winless streak on Turkey Day. And the Bears might be bad enough to oblige. Dallas presents and interesting dilemma though for those who have the option – and if you have somehow sat on the Bills to this point, this is when you pull the trigger on a team that still might prove to be elite.
Otherwise, the Niners set up nicely this week and are a worthwhile play if you have not already hoped on their bandwagon. And the Eagles have definitely proven they are superior to the Giants on the road if the transition to a new offensive mind for the G-men doesn’t scare you too much.

Survive! – and Gobble Gobble

Week 11
Sticking with the “selection options that you likely have not chosen yet if you are still surviving,” a desperate Seahawks team at home against a non-Kyler Murray and DeAndre Hopkins Cardinals squad.

This could also be the Bears’ week with Lamar Jackson on the bench and don’t rule out a rejuvenated 49ers squad, even with a somewhat complicated running back situation.


Week 10
Washington is an uninspiring bye-week team, but Tampa is as well, so we are going the route of a good team coming off an embarrassment (Dallas) and, actually a generally-speaking manifesto no-no Colts (division game). This is assuming the Bills are unavailable.


Week 9
Congrats to those who cashed in on a rare Thursday night Manifesto choice with the Colts. Now let’s get the “probably already used them picks” covered for Sunday – Bills and Chiefs (in a nice unexpected QB matchup).

The Ravens are set up nice in a classic return-from bye at home (this is really the play). Sans Kyler Murray, take a look at the 49ers. With Tyrod Taylor, look at the Texans as well, perhaps even before the New England Patriots and Raiders.

The Steelers also set up well at home on MNF versus the Bears. Be careful before locking in on the Rams.

Week 8
A late log-in here, as Joe D has been chasing around two kids and still trying to figure out when to make podcasting work, but he’s locked in with the Chargers. The Bengals were a close second, but the potential of a road trap loomed there.

Week 7
The NFL bye week string does not treat us kindly here with Atlanta and the Saints on the road. The Niners are an interesting play, but QB issues raise flags. A rare move for Joe D – he will likely lock in on an undefeated team wth Arizona.

Suggested selections for those who have these teams available are Rams and Green Bay.

Week 6
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Week 5
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Week 4
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Week 3
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Week 2

When the dominoes fall correctly, the Manifesto offers us good guidance Week 2. Joe D is looking at the Browns, Packers, and Bills. Here’s why:

It’s about that time again. And, we think, that NFL crowds will once again become a factor in weekly game outcomes – so it is time to give the Manifesto all the respect it deserves.

As has been the trend, Week 1 of making Survivor Picks remains a tricky business. As of this writing, Jabroni Joe has this down to a two-horse race: the Rams and Packers.

Get the full weekly breakdown pulled from this week’s podcast.


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