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Vick to debut new Nike shoe?

Back at the height of his glory, Mike Vick was the only NFL player to have his own signature shoe — designed and fully endorsed by Nike, too.

Well, times changed real fast for Vick. Let’s not rehash all that.

Fast forward to 2013 and it appears No. 7 might be rolling out a brand new shoe very soon. The Eagles quarterback posted a picture of what looks like either the heel or possibly the tongue of a carbon-fiber sneaker. Vick wrote the words, “It’s almost time.. #V7* Hmmm” and posted this picture on Instagram:

Vick's new shoe? You be the judge.

Vick’s new shoe? You be the judge.

Here’s what we know: Vick runs his own clothing line through Modell, as pointed out in this Metro Philadelphia story. He also re-upped with Nike on a four-year endorsement deal in 2011. Vick is also a spokesman for Unequal Technologies, the makers of protective wear for NFL players.

Our initial thought was that Nike was bringing Vick’s shoe line back. However, upon further examination, we’re guessing this is part of his “V7” clothing line at Modell’s.



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